As a result, the Scanz Breakouts module and Pro Scanner are perfect for swing traders looking to get ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look at how you can use these scanners to find different swing trading setups. Most active traders start their trading day with the premarket movers.

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The adjustments vary slightly, especially on what you want, and you are ready to swing trade. You can experiment with Finviz filters until you get the right one. What’s better is that it lets you view all the charts you have screened. Trade Ideas Market SentimentThe platform offers a lot of educational material. You can also access one-on-one training sessions with one of their staff members.

It’s suitable for advanced users, but beginners also report success with the platform. You can use Trade Ideas to set custom screens using a wide array of fundamental and technical criteria. Go to the Finviz screener, then to technical, change the pattern and choose any stock you wish to see. Familiarize yourself with the pattern and keep doing this till you want. The conversion of one currency for another is known as forex trading. That way, you can have an easier time learning the ropes and building a powerful strategy that has your investment growing from strength to strength.

Holly simulates several million trades after hours to curate a handful of active trading strategies that you can review before trading begins the next morning. These strategies are used to pick trade ideas, which are then grouped into channels for you to analyze. You can decide which strategies, if any, play to your broader trading goals. Both Trade Ideas and ThinkorSwim offer excellent interfaces for backtesting a trading strategy.

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There is also a third, baseline option called TI Strength Alerts for $17 a month that gives you five new trade ideas every Sunday. The customized server-based technology connects directly to the exchanges, enabling it to track every single stock and ETF that’s traded. Every tick is analyzed and tested, measuring a securities behavior against the past in real time.

You can easily click into them individually and get a TON more information if needed. I think this is one of the best free trading tools available for both aspiring and experienced traders. Scanners can be used for a variety of reasons, and for different trading styles. This means that scanners can be interpreted in different ways. For example, a momentum stock for day trading might hit the scanner, that doesn’t mean jump into that trade.

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They have a community chatroom with moderators and a bustling community of active traders. Co-founder Dan Mirkin is an active day trader who regularly posts trades on Twitter and is completely in touch with the needs of traders. Trade-Ideas Pro is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone looking for a non-stop pipeline of ideas during the trading day. It is also flexible enough for users to create their own strategies or a hybrid version that combines the built-in strategies without ever needing to learn a coding language. Use the science of swing trading in your market scans, and practice the art of swing trading in your chart analysis.

Additionally, you can sign up for the free ‘trade of the week’ newsletter for more updates. The Chart Windows tool allows users to validate an alert without having to leave the Trade Ideas Pro platform, rather than using separate platforms for analysis and alerts. Users can access chart windows, depending on the subscription plan, and add price alerts directly onto selected charts. However, users should not expect a vast number of chart indicators vs a dedicated charting platform like TradingView. Instead, they should use this tool just to reference stocks.

The general rule of thumb is to have the payoff ratio to be 2. Having a payoff ratio of 2 simply means that if the trade is a winning one, we will make rs. 100 and if it happens to be a losing trade, we will lose rs. 50. At the moment, Trade Ideas is reported to be one of the most powerful real-time stock screener tools you can find on the market, but how true is this? Let us walk you through all of its pros, cons, features and everything else you would need to know in this Trade Ideas review. The most meaningful advantage of using a swing trade alert service is the time saved.

Keep reading our Trade Ideas review to see if this stock scanner is worth paying for. BIOTECHS – Some people exclusively like trading biotechs – they are extremely volatile, and speculative sometimes. Check the charts here and see if any are ready to break down offering a good short or put potential. These are all windows that the “Pros” who use trade ideas have created and shared.

It’s generally in a trader’s best interest to move through these levels sequentially. Essentially, Top Lists are like the strategy scanners we discussed above, but more of a “sorted table” format than a “real-time alert” format. You can also customize the columns in the scan results to include whatever data points are relevant to your trading strategy. Charts are updated in real-time and include data from pre-market and after-hours trading sessions as well. There are plenty of channels to choose from, so new users should explore all of them to see which ones will be most useful for daily trading. Most experienced traders should be able to start figuring things out within an hour or two.

It is expensive and they keep raising the every six month. If you have small account, the software is not worth the high price. Trade Ideas scans I use to find both swing and day trade candidates early. For those with the software here are the scans you can replicate. See my recent videos which show how I use this in my daily process flow.

But you can unleash its real power with the Gold and Platinum plans for $29.99 and $89.98 per month, respectively. As traders, we all need to focus on idea generation, because without stock picks there are no profits. In addition, the shorter term your trading time horizon, the more ideas you need to generate.


It can also alert us to stocks with strong trends that can allow us to execute proper trading strategies with easy and identifiable levels. Trade Ideas is a popular intraday stock scanner that provides real-time data from stock exchanges and ETF trades. The software connects to several level 2 online brokerages with a flexible, customisable platform powered by an artificial intelligence robo-advisor, Holly.

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Therefore, you don’t need to leave the Trade Ideas platform to view the alerts. Members have access to the whole trade history, see his live positions on his site, and receive a pre-market update. Daily evaluated, curated list of promising swing stocks making New Highs right now. TRADERS with 40+ years of combined trading experience trade real money for real profits, and sometimes loss.

Customizing screeners is also significantly easier since you don’t need to touch code, even if ThinkorSwim’s screener is ultimately more flexible. For professional traders looking for the best screener that money can buy, there’s simply no competition to Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas is essentially a screening software, whereas ThinkorSwim is a more comprehensive platform with a powerful stock screener built in. There are important differences in the advanced capabilities of these screeners, but for moderately complex scans, they are roughly comparable. Both scanners include a combination of technical and fundamental parameters that you can use to screen stocks.

All contents on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Consult relevant financial professionals in your country of residence to get personalised advice before you make any trading or investing decisions. may receive compensation from the brands or services mentioned on this website. Trade Ideas also boasts a range of additional features and tools to enhance the user experience.

  • This has multiple strategies combined in one window is very useful for quickly spotting a breakout or breakdown.
  • State of the art scanning, backtesting, alerts, and automated trading.
  • This software offers a comprehensive stock screener at a modest price, and it’s significantly easier to use than either Trade Ideas or ThinkorSwim.
  • This scan is used to monitor each stocks proximity to the key moving averages .
  • Trade Ideas claim to have the only true Artificial Intelligence engine for the retail investor.

As a result, users can be kept up-to-date with the latest market developments and make informed investment decisions quickly and accurately. If you’re searching for stocks that move fast, then Trade Ideas‘ Active Trading feature is an unquestionable requirement. Regardless of whether you are a trader or investor, this platform provides loads of priceless data and windows to keep up with the latest information quickly. Additionally, you can watch the Holly trade in real-time rather than just observing charts for ideas on what stocks to trade. This software program reportedly boosts your success rates and helps you avoid the trap of emotional trading. The feature is particularly important for traders who don’t have the discipline to execute trades according to a specific strategy.

Trade Ideas does not share customer data with any third party, read our privacy policy here. We all have distinct needs and objectives as traders, so the answer to this question ultimately depends on you. If you’re curious about Trade Ideas and want to learn more, we have a list of frequently asked questions below that could help. The best part is that it was devised by Jamie Hodge, the platform’s head of education with over a decade and a half as an established trader.

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That aside, the powerful TC2000 stock screener coupled with its solid customer support makes it hard to beat. Many Live Trading Rooms charge more than the price of Trade Ideas, without access to software, but instead get their limited stock picks. Alerts also give you a time stamp of the exact moment the stock met your criteria.

Finviz Elite is also relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other options on our best stock screener list, so it’s great for beginners and anyone investing on a budget. Scanz users can access Level 2 market data from the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX exchanges when they sign up for the scanner package. The platform also has a sophisticated options screener built-in so it’s a great choice for options traders.

Do you happen to have a that searches for beaten-up stocks that have Based, and broke the first 2 levels of resistance? It’s dead simple for our eye to pick up on what a sideways channel is, but these patterns are actually tricky to code. So it is possible, yes, but not as easy and flexible as you may want.