Here’s an article to walk you through each of these steps.

Click “Transfer,” then “Continue” after you’ve reviewed the estimated gas fees for the transaction. Click “Connect to a Wallet” and follow the instructions to connect the wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.) containing the MATIC tokens you wish to stake. On the page’s top right, click “Connect to a Wallet” and select is xtrade broker reliable find out everything in our review the wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.) containing the MATIC tokens you wish to stake. The value of Polygon’s scaling technologies is also reflected in MATIC’s price action. Check out the Polygon MATIC price, live market cap, 24h-trading volume, total supply, circulating supply, and other metrics on CoinStats.


Polygon Network offers you a list of MATIC staking wallets, including Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Venly BitSki, and MetaMask. To stake MATIC, you need to find a wallet that supports MATIC staking. Polygon gives delegators a list of viable MATIC stalking wallets to choose from. However, one of the best wallets you can use to stake MATIC is the Metamask Wallet. Unbonding from a validator means that you want to withdraw your complete stake from the validator that you delegated to.

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Now you know how to delegate MATIC tokens, undelegate them and receive rewards in Matic Wallet by connecting the MetaMask wallet. Do not forget to add funds to your wallet using ETH coins so that you have enough to pay for transactions. If we have a vacant validator slot, anyone with any amount of stake can become a validator in the system. There will be validator auctions organized periodically , where in anyone can replace any current validator by proposing higher stake. So, in short, it is an open system where we cannot reserve places for anyone.

Staking Rewards

Such a feature is more suitable for long-term holding rather than short-term holding. Throughout this article, we will present a guide on how to stake Polygon and discuss whether you should do so. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. While we do not favor any operating system, Linux servers earn our vote for its security and stability over desktop OS like Mac OS or Windows. Investors are always in complete control of their funds, and are empowered to make key governance decisions.

  • MATIC price on CoinStatsMATIC is the native token and main transactional currency of the Polygon Network.
  • Choose the validator you would like to delegate your stake with and click the ‘Delegate’ button.
  • Help secure them by being a part of what you’ll be experiencing tomorrow.
  • Withdrawing your reward simply takes the amount of MATIC that you have been rewarded with, and places it into your Ethereum address you used to stake.
  • You have completed the staking process and the delegation of MATIC coins.

Once your MetaMask wallet is connected, scroll down a little to see the list of Validators that you can delegate to. Decide on who to delegate to and click the “Delegate” button for their row. After creating your wallet, either press the shortened address under your account name or press the “Receive” button to get your wallet address. Press “Get Started” and then “Create 7 tips on how to protect your bitcoins should you choose to invest a new wallet” if you’re creating a wallet for the first time. If you’ve already made a MetaMask account on desktop, you can just select “Sync with MetaMask extension” and ignore the rest of the following steps. Staking Rewards is the world’s most-referenced interest-comparison website for crypto assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency Staking & DeFi space.

How Long Will My Funds Be Locked During The Staking Process?

The staking reward gets distributed proportionally to all stakers; proposer and signers, with the exception of proposer getting a bonus. Participate as a delegator to earn rewards and contribute to network security. Delegate staking tokens to a validator of your choice and share risks and rewards. Currently there is no notification method in place to tell you when those 80 checkpoints have taken place and your staked MATIC is available to withdraw.

  • To complete a transaction, stake MATIC, and start receiving rewards, you need to buy a voucher in Matic Wallet and pay for Gas.
  • Elrond, Cardano, Terra, Polygon, and Solana are some cryptocurrencies that use this mechanism.
  • When you click on Restake Reward, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your Metamask account.

Now is a good time to review what affects how much passive income you will receive while staking as a delegator. This is telling the bridge that we want to transfer funds from Polygon to Ethereum. Now that we have assets on Polygon, we may want to transfer them back to Ethereum. Polygon Wallet v2 user interfaceYou will click the button ‘Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon’ which will bring you to Polygon’s bridge . If you don’t know the gas price and the limit to which you can indicate, you can check the Etherscan website. A pop-up window will appear asking you to allow Metamask to make a withdrawal of the amount you entered above.

Allnodes Validator

However, in the event of a validator getting slashed delegated tokens will also get slashed. MATIC Staking – Learn how to earn MATIC staking rewards by staking MATIC. Stake MATIC on Celsius or on the Polygon Network with Metamask.

  • A validator node receives inflation-funded block rewards and network-based transaction fees in return for good validator performance.
  • The Ethereum network is the biggest smart contact-compatible blockchain network in the world.
  • You will be greeted with a ‘Login’ screen with a list of supported wallets you can use to interact with the website.
  • After processing the transaction, you can see the tokens in your Metamask wallet.
  • Polygon Network offers you a list of MATIC staking wallets, including Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Venly BitSki, and MetaMask.
  • A new auction process for validator replacement will be rolled out.

Your staking returns are depending on the current network conditions and metrics such as the Total Staked % and the Transaction Fees spent within the network. Polygonrebrandedfrom Matic Network in February 2021 and pivoted towards supporting multiple Layer-2 infrastructure. It cryptocurrency cfd trading will continue to support the Matic POS sidechain and Plasma-based payment system, which currently hosts over 90 applications. Polygon is a platform design to support infrastructure development and help Ethereum scale. MetaMask will automatically pop up and ask you to sign.

Navigate to the staking page, where you’ll see links to the staking calculator, support, Polygon explorer, the network overview stats, etc. Check the chart containing important stats to select a good validator. You must ensure ‘Checkpoints Signed’ are 100%, i.e., a validator hasn’t missed any checkpoints not to lose any tokens through slashing. The “Commission” column shows the percentage of rewards the validator takes from the total stake. You want the commission to be as low as possible to get more rewards. You can use this website to discover platforms providing the best staking rewards for your MATIC.