With Flux, you can continuously deliver user-facing apps and infrastructure using version control for each step. This ensures reversibility, auditability, and reproducibility. Your team can deploy code as soon as they create it and swiftly roll back if necessary.

The goal of this guide is to first and foremost highlight the practices required for CD. We welcome any person working in the cloud native space to join this group. You can also reach out to Danielle Cook () or Simon Forster () for more information and to get involved.

ci cd maturity model

To understand what drives your cloud costs, you need a platform like CloudZero. With CloudZero’s unit cost approach, your engineering team can see how their technical choices affect cloud costs on all major platforms. It provides users and enterprises with infrastructure for horizontal scaling. OpenStack also helps with compute, storage, and sharing data and resources. It also provides self-service administration that users can interact with directly.

Cloud Cost Management Tools

To do that, they need visibility of how the software performs in production and for the rest of the organization to be bought into the approach. The list is quite intimidating so we’ve highlighted the practices we think you should focus on when starting on this journey. The high priority practices were chosen because they give the most impact in terms of productivity, quality, delivery and risk mitigation.

ci cd maturity model

Which brings us to Nirvana; Continuous Delivery and Innovation all the way into Production. Achieving this level of automation not only requires full automation of quality gates, but also requires that Salesforce Apps are written the way Salesforce architects their service. Deploying all the way to production should not impact the users of the existing version. Releasing to users is orchestrated by the Business with timing based on their schedule. CloudZero also empowers you to measure finance and FinOps unit economics , as well as map cloud costs to products, people, and processes for easier chargeback and showback. Whether you are a large enterprise or a bubbling startup, CloudZero works at any scale.

Top 9 Overlooked Questions When Designing Your Stateful Cloud Native Network Application

ProsperOps offers a free savings analysis solution that pulls detailed data that would take a team at least a week to gather manually. CloudZero also provides timely and automated cost anomaly alerts to help you prevent issues from causing budget overruns. In the following sections, we’ll cover the other DevOps tools you may need to run successful CI/CD workflows. You can also use any language and run your builds on Linux, ARM, Windows, containers, and macOS. Configure the right environment for software or code to run at its best. Browse helpful webinars, ebooks, and other useful resources.

JetBrain’s TeamCity is an affordable CI/CD tool for teams and individuals. It is available as a software-based, self-hosted, on-premise solution or as a managed cloud service. It supports multi-platform development, extensive cloud integration, and advanced controls for complex builds. Admins have joined developers using version control and scratch orgs using 3rd party tools that hide the complexity.

Revisions are committed to theTeam Serverversion control repository, where they are merged with the latest revision of the model and assigned to the relevant user stories and test cases. You can view costs by product, product feature, deployment, environment, dev team, project, and more granularity to help you build cost-effective software. A successful CI/CD plan requires the right resources and tools. Yet, keeping track of everything, including data transfer costs, can be challenging. So you may not be aware of what’s driving your cloud spend in order to optimize it. Dokku is a great alternative if you’re working with a stringent budget.

  • AWS Cost Explorer helps visualize, analyze, and manage AWS costs.
  • Codefresh integrates neatly with other tools, from GitHub Actions to Jenkins.
  • Continuous Deployment emphasizes full release automation, ensuring that code changes can be pushed from a repository to production without human intervention.
  • It’s built on Argo to support declarative continuous delivery.

This enables you to test code in different environments, machines, and operating systems. Some of these CI/CD tools can help you create and automate entire pipelines. We’ve compiled a quick list of the best CI/CD tools currently available. Finally, sharing a maturity model with business stakeholders will also help to set reasonable expectations and communicate the benefits derived from CI/CD without reaching expert levels.

The tools listed aren’t necessarily the best available nor the most suitable for your specific needs. You still need to do the necessary due diligence to ensure you pick the best tools for your environment. CloudZero is the only solution that enables you to allocate 100% of your spend in hours — so you can align everyone around cost dimensions that matter to your business.


Continuous Deployment emphasizes full release automation, ensuring that code changes can be pushed from a repository to production without human intervention. Yet, for that to work, your DevOps team needs the best CI/CD tools for the job. Here are more than 50 robust solutions you can choose from. The suggested tools are the tools we have experience with at Standard Bank. The alternative tools are listed simply as a comparative aid.

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Build AI into the DevOps maturity model for smooth sailing.

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The software automates the creation of multiple machine images. It is also extensible and pluggable, so you can add builders, data sources, post-processors, and provisioners with plugins to add to its capabilities. AWS Cost Explorer helps visualize, analyze, and manage AWS costs. You can sort and group your figures by usage type and tag — daily or grouped by month.

Aws Cost Explorer

CircleCI enables engineerings to build, test, and deploy software at scale. You can integrate it directly with your version control system, such as GitHub or Bitbucket, and it will validate your code changes in real-time. CircleCI also helps manage your build logs, access controls, and testing. It is highly customizable, supports automated parallelization, and executes builds through containers or virtual machines. We’ve put together a high-level CI / CD Maturity guide to help with these challenges. We list all the processes and practices that need to be in place before you can truly claim that you have made Continuous Deployments possible.

CI tools automate the process of building, testing, and merging code changes to a shared repository as needed. This level introduces external repositories as the source of truth. Branch management is a bit ad hoc and only works for developers and not admins.

Azure Pipelines

It comprises four different parts — AWS Budgets, AWS Budgets Reports, AWS Cost Explorer API, and AWS Cost Explorer and Resource Granularity. CodeBees’ Codeship provides CI/CD as a Service, simplifying setup, control, and operations at scale. It uses single-tenant AWS servers to improve security, performance, and reliability. Codeship also integrates with virtually any cloud, tool, or service so you can automate your CI/CD tasks anywhere. The web interface allows users to view and manage their builds.

ci cd maturity model

Red Hat’s Ansible is an automation platform used for configuration management as well as deployment. Ansible allows you to keep your configurations consistent across all platforms. Whether your software is hosted on a physical server, cloud, virtual machine, or container, you can alter and manage your configurations from a single point. CollabNet VersionOne is an “application Agile lifecycle management solution”.

It is a free and open-source automation server for web-based and on-premise projects. Among its most notable features are integration scheduling, cross-platform support, user-created plugin ci cd maturity model libraries, multi-build support, and real-time notifications. Jenkins X supports multi-cluster GitOps, secrets management, Tekton pipelines, preview environments, and pull request ChatOps.

VersionOne features portfolio management, product road mapping, sprint planning, test management, timeline tracking, and release planning. It also https://globalcloudteam.com/ supports Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, XP, and hybrid development methods. It eases planning, tracking, and reporting across teams and software portfolios.

Luckily, Grunt has a thriving community and ecosystem that is ready to assist you with any queries. Apache Ant (“Another Neat Tool”) is the oldest tool on this list and it can be considered a precursor to Maven. While ANT is primarily a JAVA build tool, it can be used to define processes and build C++, C, and C# applications. Docker is a virtualization tool that allows enterprises to create cross-platform applications. It achieves this through the power of virtual containers which can be run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, public and private cloud.


Included now in the process section are information on GitOps and the requirement to establish a Center of Excellence for CI/CD. We also adjusted level three to include information on how standards are emerging. Migrate plan – this will vary depending on your organization, but you should have a migration plan in place. Whether that’s to migrate one application first, or several, you should have this established. We have identified five distinct levels of DevOps Maturity. We believe understanding where your organization is today on this journey and what the next level looks like should help you determine next steps along the path.

Amazon Web Services Aws

This Kubernetes native CI/CD solution is also among the few tools offering straightforward Docker registry integration across all pipelines. It also enables you to build docker images as needed directly in the pipeline. It’s built on Argo to support declarative continuous delivery. Codefresh integrates neatly with other tools, from GitHub Actions to Jenkins. Azure Pipelines helps you build, test, and deploy all your projects with any language and on any platform.